Don’t Be Discouraged!

It’s hard to be cheerful without The Bear, who stopped dieting already and grinned over a PBJ and marshmallow sandwich, then sesame chicken with cream cheese wantons…. it’s also hard to feel like I’m making progress when all the water I drink makes me feel full and nauseous. I start to have blackouts and get dizzy, and my mind doesn’t seem to do anything but hum gently about how the hours pass and how the calories are so high in everything.

But I’ll believe in myself longer. I will do it for all the times I’ve cried like a poor baby and grabbed the piece of cake someone was offering me! I will believe in myself because I don’t want that happening again, no matter how easy it is!

Because I feel this way inside, that there’s no way I’ll give up, I hope that anyone else who is upset about dieting won’t give up either…. It’s always darkest before the dawn, you know? And even if there are times we fall down, there is always time ahead to keep going, and make progress, no matter how small!

I’m just gonna try to let the little things make me happy!

Songs that make me feel good:


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