Released Into A Tailspin

We didn’t want to write about it the day it actually HAPPENED, because, for one thing, we had been RELEASED INTO A TAILSPIN!! After putting off cleaning our “playhouse,” (which is a place where toys, old drawings, dust, dolls, creepy roach zombies, and musty bedspreads live) our third day on our Glorification calendar had to be the date. So we held our heads high, skipped breakfast, and went right away to the job we kept telling each other would be “not so bad as we suppose”.
But it was WORSE than we supposed. All our dolls (the kind that open their eyes when they stand up) had white mold stuck on their eyes, and when their lids popped open, it scared us half to death! So we took them all inside our real house, and put their heads in the sink so we could scrape the white stuff off with our fingernails(we tried cotton swabs, but it was useless). Their hair smelled awful and the scent didn’t come out with soap.
A half-dead roach was in love with one of our barrettes and wouldn’t get off so we had to throw away both of them.
Someone offered us lunch and we told them we didn’t want it even though we would have eaten their face had they been close by.
We had to talk in Southern accents to keep ourselves sane, because we were laughing so hard at every single thing even though we didn’t think it was funny and laughing hurt our tummies so bad.
There was nothing to sit on besides styrofoam and when we sat on it, it was really uncomfortable and then it broke with an earsplitting pop and we had to stand up again-sweating and itching for hours and sorting tons of dirty junk.
Someone gave us another job after cleaning, even though we told them we were too tired.
We were so tired from not eating anything all day, so we had some dinner that we guessed was an okay amount of calories. Potato salad, barbecue chicken, and onion fritters. Stupid us. The calorie count was way above our daily limit! We were devastated, because we had thought we could finally relax after that terrible day!
Suddenly, as the feelings of being a failure settled in, we knew we couldn’t stand the thought of this day being a waste. So, in spite of how worn out and sick we were, we turned on our favourite music video, jumped off the bed, and dished out 26 sets of jumping jacks(30 in each set)…. amounting to 800 jumping jacks. We stopped for several seconds between the sets to gulp some water, but doing that many jumping jacks in one session was intense! Believe me, we felt proud of ourselves, and our sweat felt like a congratulational hug.


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