Some Thinspiration

Chuckles: Since I can’t eat dessert, I want to dress up like my favourite desserts…. I bet it’s alot more fun to walk around in a cupcake costume than to eat a real cupcake.

The Bear: I’m going to do both.

Chuckles: Bad boy…. I’d better watch out, cause your animal instincts might cause you to eat my costume!

The Bear: Well, it depends on how fast our 20 days go by, and I can eat again.

Chuckles: It’s… 70 days.

The Bear: O_O

Chuckles: Here’s a yummy chunk of truth: You are what you DON’T eat. As you work towards your goals, you are slowly becoming creamier, more sugary, and more untouchable!

The Bear: …..Yeah! Think how good Food must feel, untouched….. and how good I’ll feel when I become food! Haha!


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