Some Thinspiration

Just think! The day when you cross off that last big fat number and leap into the world of AWESOMENESS! Right now, you’re tired and hungry, but if you concentrate on the future, you’ll know it’s worth it. As we always say: keep your tummy’s eyes on that skinny prize.

Every day, feeling like a year… But maybe it’s a good year… Maybe you’re making your life longer.

And, while you sit, and stare, playing some dumb game like Floppy Bird, wishing that time would actually pass… There’s only one thing to do. And that is…


Think of all the awesomest things to do when you’ve reached your goals. Then… make it into a rap.

One fabulous dessert for your fabulous face.

A bath in pink lemonade, cause you’re no disgrace.

And then you wear a froot loop around your waist.

Dancing all night long with the hottest date. YAY!

Who even knows what that day will be like?! Most of us don’t know! It might just be a secret smile, a strange confidence in your walk, or looking like a beautiful princess in those same old furry pajamas and slippers.


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