The Low-Calorie Lifestyle

The Bear: We have found, over decades of diligent study, that to successfully lose weight it takes a special concentration.

Chuckles: A concentration attained by surrounding yourself with things making up the LOW CALORIE LIFESTYLE. Black coffee, calorie-counting, thinspiration pictures, and the ones you love *chuckles*.

The Bear: By surrounding yourself with your own determination, and the knowledge that though weight loss may not be truly painless, it can be painless in the way of that every drop of pain now will be a drop of joy later, when you’re living life to the fullest again, and with the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Chuckles: Losing weight shouldn’t come from hating your body. It should come from loving it enough to make it gorgeous. Seriously.

The Bear: So, good luck with getting into the LOW CALORIE LIFESTYLE! Be sure to keep happy and feel good! (even if you don’t, cause you’re hungry)

Chuckles: Watching really awesome tv shows helps for distraction- and it’s really nice to invite friends for a peaceful walk to burn calories.

The Bear: Remember… O_O YOU’RE SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


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