Some Thinspiration

What do you see yourself as? Or, moreover, what do you want you to see yourself as? Right now, you might be wishing that you were a flawless, adorable, thin black kitten, with eyes so big they could swallow your present body up, but you shouldn’t be thinking that way! That’s just depressing! So, cross out the kitten, but not completely. Right now, we’re going to talk about developing an image that is satisfactory. This does not mean destroying your personality; it just means bringing it out in an adorable way!

Pick out the three biggest points that make up your personality, and write them down. Think hard on these points and try, just for fun, to think of an animal that could possibly represent you! An animal’s body is perfect in every way: healthy and beautiful. That is why we should use them an an unfailing example to us!


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